Apr 23

WildStar – Subscription Based MMORPG

NCSoft will be publishing their new MMORPG named WildStar on June 3rd. I’ve been looking forward to playing this game for awhile but with the subscription, I probably will not be playing it. However, the game is still great and does have a system in place to play to pay but more on that later. WildStar uses the traditional two faction system with each side having four races each. The game also offers five classes which covers the tank, damage, and healer roles. Every class can be two different roles and depends on the abilities you choose to put on your hotbar. In addition to the five classes, the game offers four paths which adds a little something extra depending on what you choose. The four paths are warrior, scientist, explorer, and settler. Each respective path adds new content based on what you chose. For example, the Some Sceneryexplorer gets missions to explore new areas in the map such as hidden underground caves. With respect to the game’s combat system, the game plays a lot like World of Warcraft except each ability has to be aimed and has their own aiming reticle in order to land the ability. Personally, I really enjoy a combat system like that so it was cool to see a new MMO coming out with that system. Now to explain that play to pay system in the game. A player can choose to buy a pass that gives another player a month of game time and sell this item in-game. Another player will buy this pass with in-game currency and use it to get another month to play. This system is interesting and in order to see if it is effective, we will have to wait until full release. For more information on WildStar, click here.

Apr 22

ArcheAge – Sandbox MMORPG

ArcheAge is a game already developed in South Korea by XLGames and currently in Open Beta in Russia. The game is now finally coming to NA and being published by Trion Worlds. The game is considered Sandbox because of the sheer amount of content available. If a player wants to ride a boat in the ocean sea, fly on a glider, or even go on trade runs, they will be able to do all of that and more. The game

ArcheAge Scenery

Scenery in the game

also uses an open world PVP system which should be exciting to see when the game reaches release. Currently the game is in closed alpha but looks incredibly fun to play. Furthermore, that game has 120 classes which are created by combining any 3 skill sets out of 10 to create a unique class. This allows you to be a stealthy mage or a magic warrior and even a ranged warrior. The biggest bonus for me is that this game will be free to play with an optional monthly fee to become a premium user which will allow access to player housing. The current max level in the game is set to 50 but you can experience trade runs and gliders much earlier on in the game. The mass amount of content that this game offers really hooks me in and I am looking forward to playing it. To sign up for beta access click here.

Jul 02

Portal 2

This is a little late since the game came out a long time ago but still. This is the sequel to Portal and it is great. I won’t spoil anything because that’s not right. I can tell you that it has a co-op that has its own separate story. This is an excellent game and I would say you should get it but only if you like puzzle games.


You will probably have to buy this game at the store or on steam.

Jul 01

APB Reloaded

This game originally came out as a P2P. The game only lasted about 4 months or so. The game shutdown and a company named Gamersfirst bought the game. They worked on the game and now re-launched it as APB Reloaded. The game is now F2P so go on ahead and download. I enjoyed this game but I never played the original. One of my friends who played the original said gamersfirst ruined the game. Try it out and have your own opinion.


Click me!

Jul 01

Lime Odyssey

This is another brand new game being developed by aeriagames. This game is going to another anime inspired RPG. I really don’t know any details yet because the game hasn’t gone into CB testing yet. I can’t even put a picture because there are no screenshots of the game yet.

Want to sign up for CB? Go here!

Jun 30

League of legends

This game is a great game and I don’t know why I haven’t talked about it yet. This game is the first stand-alone DOTA clone. As you all should know, DOTA originated as a custom map inside Warcraft III. This game has brand new champions and is updated constantly. Usually updates improve the game or add yet another champion. There are many special features added that make it unique. One special feature is the ability to specialize your rune pages. I won’t explain what that means, you’ll just have to play the game and find out.


Interested? Click here.


Also look forward to me posting about DOTA 2.

Jun 30

Realm of the titans

This is a brand new game being developed by the F2P company Aeriagames. This company has already made many F2P games and I’m looking forward to this one. Realm of the Titans is another DOTA styled game. Another example of DOTA would be League of Legends. Just in case you don’t know what DOTA is it means Defense of the Ancients. If you don’t even know anything about DOTA just go and google it.

Want more information? Click here.

Jun 29

Team Fortress 2 Free to Play!

Team Fortress 2 is a very popular game. The makers of TF2, valve, decided to make TF2 free to play recently. Now if you were on the fence about getting it just go play it for free. For those of you who have already bought the game, don’t worry you get a special bonus. Everyone who bought TF2 before it went free to play gets a hat. Not only do you get a hat but you get a premium account instead of a free account. To see the difference click here. That link also contains information on how to install the game if your interested. Unfortunately, you will HAVE to download Steam before being able to play Team Fortress 2.

Jun 29

Hellgate: London Relaunched

Hellgate London.jpg

Now I really know nothing about this game. All I know is this game has already came out. Unfortunately, this game wasn’t successful and the multiplayer got shutdown and it became a single player game. Now one company has taken the game and is going to launch it again. The good thing about this is it is going to be a MMORPG and F2P! The game launches into open beta Thursday, June 30th, 2011. As you all should know, open beta means anyone can play the game! If you want to learn about the game click here.

Jan 16


Steam is an online store where you can buy games without having to leave your home. It has almost every single game you can think of except for some new releases. Most of the new games come out only on CD, like usual, but some can be pre-ordered through Steam and then you can download them on the day they come out. Sometimes you can even get bonus items when you pre-order the game using Steam. The major thing it helps with is you don’t have to keep track of the game’s CD key or the CD itself. All you have to do is run steam and click play and it starts up. Furthermore, if you need to know the CD key there is a button you can press to see it next to the game’s information. Steam has a lot of sales on multiple games at once. They usually have holiday sales where everyday they change what game is on sale. You can also download Steam on multiple computers but you still have to install the game you want to play on that computer again but you don’t have to pay for it again. All in all, I love Steam.

Link: http://store.steampowered.com/ in the top right you can install Steam.

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